Refund Policy

We are committed to selling high quality electrical products that we hope you enjoy using. Nonetheless, we also know that, for one reason or another, there may be occasions when you need to exchange or return something you have bought. You must therefore make sure that you check your Products carefully at the time of delivery before they are used or installed. We also recommend that you keep your Invoice as proof of purchase in the event of any after-sales queries. Products purchased can be returned or exchanged within fourteen (14) days from the purchase date, subject to conditions.
All sizes and measurements of the Products are approximate but we do try to make sure that they are as accurate as possible. It may be occasionally possible that the Product specification from the manufacturer may change or we may have trouble with the supply of certain Products and may therefore supply a substitute of the same or better quality at the same price. If you are not satisfied with the replacement or substitute, you can return such Products or an exchange Product for the amount you had initially paid.
If you change your decision within fourteen (14) days from the date of the purchase of the Products, we may accept return of such Products or allow their replacement, subject to the following terms and conditions.

 All Products we sell are covered by our fourteen (14) day Easy returns policy
-We accept return of the Products purchased by you or replace them, provided they are in good condition, saleable and merchantable. If the purchased products, because of their nature or the way they are packaged or wrapped, can never be reinstituted to the position as they were at the purchase date or can never be offered for sale to the general public, then we may have the right to reject their return or replacement unless for a manufacturing defect that was not apparent to you upon purchasing and unless you have been informed of and accepted such defect.

 The Products to be returned or replaced do have a defect, do not comply with the specifications applicable at Kuwait, or if the existing defect cannot be made good without affecting the quality of such Products. If the quality of the Products will not be compromised, we may have the right to reject replacement or return of such Products.

– We may have the right of not accepting the return or replacement of Products, if they were sold during special promotions and/or sales.

– if the Product sold is different from the Product paid for by you. In such cases, we may provide alternative Products unless we agree otherwise with you.

* You may note that refunds are made in the same manner as you made the purchase or you have the option to exchange Product for the amount you had initially paid, as you may choose to specify when you contact us by using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

– You may also note that refunds made on K-net, MasterCard, MIGs or Visa may take up to 4-6 weeks

Delivery charges will not be refunded for a product returned within 14 days unless the product delivered has a manufacturing defect.


All LED Lights purchased from will be covered with a two (2) year warranty, other than for specific products, for which warranty will be mentioned particularly on the Invoice.

Any failure or break down of Products: The Warranty does not cover repairs caused by misuse, improper installation, breakage, and spillage of liquids, and other repairs arranged outside

 We shall not be responsible for any damage of the product caused by/customer’s misuse or the product not meant to be used for. If there is any queries regarding use, you will need to enquire with us before purchase or before using the product.

The warranty shall become invalid if your product or any part is broken or has been tampered with.

Installation of our products can be arranged at an extra cost as estimated by our staff.

Cancellation Policy

Items ordered can be cancelled before delivery of the product, and a full refund can be arranged.

Any items ordered specially and has to be shipped by the manufacturer, will require a particular period for delivery, which will be informed to the customer. These items cannot be cancelled once order is placed.

Home Delivery 

Delivery charge of KD 2 will be applied to all deliveries inside Kuwait.

Customer has to provide with the following information-

– Block number
– Street number
– Building Number
– Contact person & Contact Number

Exact delivery time will depend on the accuracy of the delivery address details you provide. We normally deliver the purchased Products as soon as possible from the time of order placement

We like to keep you informed of the status and time of your delivery. We will try to contact you before scheduling delivery to provide you information on delivery timings. We use our best efforts to accommodate your preferred delivery timings and date. However, you may note that such timings are for indicative purposes. The actual time of delivery may vary due to various uncontrollable delays that may occur.

In case of absence of the customer, delivery is considered complete, if any family member or home/house cleaner domiciling at the same address of the customer signs the invoice/delivery note.

Our representative will perform a quick check of the product delivered in your presence. If you wish that the Product remains unboxed, then you will be responsible for the safety of the unboxed Product and no claims for damage or missing parts (if applicable) can be made against us later. 

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